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UpComing Projects

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Rehearsing Wanna Be A Rabbit
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Before I joined the rest of Australia in isolation due to Covid-19 I was rehearsing three projects - all of which were to  be completed by the end of August.  Like many employed in the entertainment industry, the projects came to a grinding halt.  Adapting to the new way of being, the director, cast and creatives of all three projects  found a way to continue developing them via online rehearsals and explorations.  So throughout isolation I have been blessed in continuing to create projects and work from the walls of my own home. With the unpredictability of Covid-19 and restrictions changing from week to week, its hard to set anything in stone, but we've scheduled tentative dates for shooting and seasons, and we'll keep creating and working towards them in the interim.

Here's a little information about the projects.

Flesh Disease

A new Australian work created by Romi Kupfer and Diane Stubbings

Five women gather together. They knit. And as they knit, they talk, telling each other the seemingly ordinary stories of their seemingly ordinary lives. But the more they talk, and the more the rhythms of their knitting are disturbed, the more insular they become. Hidden layers of emotional and physical distress – anxiety, sensitivity, depression and obsession – begin to assert themselves. Conversation breaks down. Knitting stops. All that is left are their bodies.


Following a reading at La Mama / Carlton Courthouse in 2019, we are now in the next stages of development working towards a season in 2021. Flesh Disease explores the physical manifestations of women’s emotional and psychological distress.

Strawberry Daiquiris 

A short film written by Lesley Coleman, directed by Peter Blackburn, produced by Mystical Dog Productions. A group of five women who have been friends for a long time and are now facing a number of life events that test their ability to cope and their friendship. Cast includes Maria Mercedes, Mel Hillman, Lesley Coleman, Kirsty Reilly and myself. I will be playing the role of Gemma. The film will address issues to do with alcoholism, loss and grief, menopause, unexpected homelessness and friendship. It is now set to shoot in December 2020 and in the meantime we continue to meet and develop online once a week. 


Wannabe A Rabbit?

In rehearsal for Wannabe A Rabbit? with Weave Movement Theatre, directed/choreographed by Yumi Umiumare.  This is the second incarnation of Wannabe A Rabbit which was first performed at Abbotsford Convent as part of ButohOUT! festival 2018. Currently in development, the production is scheduled to open for a 2 week season in November 2020 at the Meat Market Melbourne.

More on Wannabe A Rabbit?

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