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Miss Burlesque Australia (Winner)
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Beginner Burlesque
8-week Course

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Burlesque Cabaret Chair Dancing
8-week Course

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Feathered Fan Dancing
8-week Course


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Restorative Yin Yoga 
Casual Class

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Sensual Yoga Flow
Casual Class

An embodied movement practice created to enliven the sensual being with a flowing fusion of Tantric and Hatha Yoga practices, fluid floor-work and sensual movement.



Salt Yoga - Aldinga

Dynamic Hatha
Casual Class



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Dance and flow with wonder 
at that which is within you

About Me

I recently moved to Aldinga Beach from Melbourne and am thrilled to be here by the sea offering a unique range of classes, courses and workshops to the wider community. 

I have 25+ years of yoga, theatre, movement & dance practice and 15 years of teaching yoga, theatre skills, burlesque, feathered fan dancing, cabaret chair dancing, solo performance, sensual dance and embodied movement practices.  As a teacher my aim is to allow and provide space for students of all levels to practice and experience the many benefits that movement, dance and yoga has to offer, for students to let go, go within and explore in a safe and nurturing environment.

My personal practice in yoga began in 1990 when I was drawn deeply into the traditions of both Iyengar and Ashtanga. With a 350hr Yoga Teaching Training certification, I teach from traditional roots of yoga incorporating breath (pranayama), poses (asana - both moving and static poses) and meditation to help participants experience connectedness through integration of the mind, body and spirit. Yoga has profoundly enhanced my life and theatre/dance practice, providing techniques in how to become more present and step into 'being' as opposed to 'doing.'

I have taught a wide range of dance and theatre practices to1000's of people, not only in Australia but also in Japan and USA. As a dancer and actor I have worked extensively in various disciplines including theatre, film, TV, burlesque, cabaret, butoh, clowning and contemporary dance. In 2002 I discovered the joy and freedom of Burlesque, strutting and stripping my way around the globe and in 2016 was crowned Miss Burlesque Australia!

As a passionate teacher and performer I am dedicated to sharing skills with others, to assist students in finding the joy and healing energies that yoga, dance, and movement practices bring. I have witnessed so many students gain many positive benefits from these practices, and I am committed to holding space for students to explore, discover and enjoy these benefits!

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I feel incredible today, I think yesterday's class has moved some old stuff out of my hips! I'm excited to have such a wonderful new teacher and class every week. Thank you, with love Mim.


(Dynamic Hatha Student)

That was the best yoga class I've ever been to. I've been to quite a few different classes and I'd never felt so connected to myself and as centred  as I did in Willow's class.

Shekina Hartridge

(Hatha Yoga Student)

Willow is a generous and supportive yoga teacher who guides and explains the asana poses both physically and philosophically. Where sometimes I have felt bored in yoga this made me feel present in the class and more connected in understanding why and what I was doing.

Zya Kane

(Yoga Student)

You made me fall in love with yoga.

Shakira Johnson 

(Beginner Yoga Course Student)

Doing Willow's solo intensive course was a ground-breaking experience for me.  I have completely shifted the way I approach the creation and development of burlesque and dance acts and my confidence to do new things has skyrocketed.  I have expanded my movement techniques and spend much more time working through the purpose and meaning of an act before doing any choreography. I found Willow to be very supportive, kind, and empathetic.  She encouraged me to release some barriers and expose myself and all my vulnerable weirdness.  This was the key to making my acts better because the real me was coming through.

Cherry Charleston

(Burlesque Student)

Willow stands alone as a yoga teacher and a human being. It's not just her knowledge of this practice but it's her ability to make you feel relaxed and wonderful. Willow takes you to a place you want to stay. Her understanding of the body is extensive with a lifetime of dance. You can feel this influence in her yoga classes as she is able to keep you moving with grace. Time stands still. I've never experienced a teacher like Willow. A good teacher can be life changing to a student. you are brilliant at this Willow - seriously the best teacher I've ever had a class with by a long shot!

Meredith O'Shea

(Yoga Student)

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