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A bit about me



I recently moved to the stunning Fleurieu Peninsula from Melbourne and am thrilled to be here by the sea offering a unique range of yoga, movement and burlesque classes to the wider community in and around Aldinga Beach. As a true gemini I have followed many passions and chosen many paths! These paths have lead me to extensive and deep practices into yoga, acting, burlesque, butoh, theatre and dance where I have won awards including being crowned Miss Burlesque Australia 2016/17! Through this I have become a teacher, have directed and choreographed for theatre, film and TV, and have travelled around the globe performing. In 2009 I opened Australia’s premier Burlesque school with co-founder Jacquie Thomas - Bottoms Up! Dance - where I introduced 1000's of women to this sensual and empowering art form. I ran "Australia's most fierce school of Burlesque" for 8-years before delving deeper into my yoga practice and became a certified yoga teacher. Through my love of the deep spiritual practice of Yoga and the fun, uplifting sensual art of burlesque, I have combined them both to develop Sensual Yoga Flow which offers powerful ways to embody sacred sexuality and tantric ways of living that will super charge your life! 


I have 25+ years of yoga, theatre, movement & dance practice and 15 years of teaching yoga, theatre skills, burlesque, feathered fan dancing, cabaret chair dancing, solo performance, sensual dance and embodied movement practices.  As a teacher my aim is to allow and provide space for students of all levels to practice and experience the many benefits that movement, dance and yoga has to offer, for students to let go, go within and explore in a safe and nurturing environment.

My personal practice in yoga began in 1990 when I was drawn deeply into the traditions of both Iyengar and Ashtanga. With a 350hr Yoga Teaching Training certification, I teach from traditional roots of yoga incorporating breath (pranayama), poses (asana - both moving and static poses) and meditation to help participants experience connectedness through integration of the mind, body and spirit. Yoga has profoundly enhanced my life and theatre/dance practice, providing techniques in how to become more present and step into 'being' as opposed to 'doing.'

I have taught a wide range of dance and theatre practices to1000's of people, not only in Australia but also in Japan and USA. As a dancer and actor I have worked extensively in various disciplines including theatre, film, TV, burlesque, cabaret, butoh, clowning and contemporary dance. In 2002 I discovered the joy and freedom of Burlesque, strutting and stripping my way around the globe and in 2016 was crowned Miss Burlesque Australia!

As a passionate teacher and performer I am dedicated to sharing skills with others, to assist students in finding the joy and healing energies that yoga, dance, and movement practices bring. I have witnessed so many students gain many positive benefits from these practices, and I am committed to holding space for students to explore, discover and enjoy these benefits!


Embracing and accessing you sexual and feminine energy brings radical change to your flow and movement through life. Learning how to live with these energies in your body and being will change every aspect of your relationships, work and play bringing connection to self and others.

Come to Burlesque and you will experience an empowering way to connect with, celebrate  and explore your sensuality through a fun, sexy and playful dance! It gives space for you to express your inner Diva while enjoying the benefits of gaining body confidence, improving flexibility, building strength and connecting with others in an uplifting environment. Burlesque dance is great for releasing stress, self expression, improving memory and lifting your spirits - the purrrfect way to find joy!











Come to Yoga and you’ll experience a practice which connects you to body, mind, breath and spiritual energy in a nurturing and supportive environment.  
Yoga simply means 'to yolk', to bring together, to unite mind, body and spirit. Through asana (physical poses), pranayama (breath work/techniques) and mediation you will 
begin to feel and understand the many benefits Yoga has on the mind and body. 

Benefits of Yoga:

•    Improve strength and flexibly
•    Create calmness and relaxation
•    Increase awareness, focus and clarity
•    Decrease stress and anxiety
•    Improve digestive system
•    Increase capacity for kindness
•    Improve sleep
•    Decrease fatigue
•    Open the heart 
•    Increase happiness
•    Let go of attachment to things that no longer serve you
•    Enhance wellness
•    Connect mind and body 
•    Improve body awareness and body confidence
•    Create stillness and ease
•    Learn to be with yourself (as opposed to by yourself)



If you are being called to any of these practices, give this gift to yourself now and embrace a more connected and meaningful life. And don't worry if you haven’t done anything like this before, I’ll be there with an open heart and playful spirit to bring ignite your joy! Let’s do this and move dance flow!

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